We believe landscape architecture, planning, and urban design can be a transformative force for our clients — improving the health and well-being of people and natural systems.

For decades, SWA has led the design industry forward.

Since our earliest days, our studios have designed, planned, and built celebrated landscapes that have come to define the very cities, institutions, and people who use them. Today, we’re drawing that legacy into the future, driven to innovate on projects of all scales.


We view landscape as essential infrastructure.

Our studios work across scales, geographies, and contexts — from large, multifunctional spaces to small, intimate sites. Innovative research into materials, lifestyles, and landscape technologies informs all of our projects, coupled with a deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces.


We view planning as a framework for long-term transformation.

Setting the stage for civic life, our approach to planning balances short-term benefits with the long view—allowing our clients to nurture the growth of entire communities, campuses, workplaces, civic districts, transit-oriented developments, waterfronts, and more—creating places that actually matter to the people who use them.


We view cities as laboratories of the future.

Urban design is about systemic, synthetic thinking. In cities across the globe, our designers have navigated the most complex conditions imaginable to deliver visionary projects embedded with unique cultural and environmental identities—from high-density housing to reimagined ports, restored river corridors to multimodal districts, invigorated cultural landscapes to high-traffic recreational hubs.