A River Reborn


LocationGuangdong, Shenzhen, China
ClientShenzhen Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission
Size13 km2

The Buji River urban review master plan integrates strategies of recreation, reconnection, culture, and ecology to bring the river back to the people of Shenzhen. Based on a restored Buji River ecosystem, the urban review master plan for this flourishing environment aims to reconnect the river with the city.

The program is to be implemented at three scales. At a city scale, a new green road network connects the Buji River and the city. At an urban scale, a vibrant waterfront hub with terraced water access and an amphitheater opens up the city toward the river with a dynamic three-dimensional bridge system to provide much-needed access to the river. Building forms are integrated within the river terminus, punctuating the mixed-use transit district. At a larger site scale, river banks will be reimagined with boardwalks, outlooks, terraced river banks, rock gardens, and floating gardens to encourage a peaceful or playful river experience. The greenway network extends into the neighborhoods and connects to the overall landscape system.

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