Why we do this work

The natural world is at a precipice. Every action, decision, and design is consequential—bringing us closer or further from a livable future. With a proven record in resilient, innovative, multi-benefit design, we’re leading the landscape architecture industry in building a more equitable, enjoyable, and sustainable future.

Who we are

A unified collective of eight independent studios, SWA is devoted to placemaking for people and ecosystems across the globe. We’re relentless in the pursuit of bold, leading-edge design, and believe our work is strengthened by both individuality and collaboration.

Our roots

Over sixty years ago, SWA became one of the first 100% employee-owned design firms in the U.S.—a big deal then, and even more relevant today. Emerging in a time of cultural revolution, we’re well-versed in finding opportunities where others may see obstacles, bettering the world one place at a time.

We believe in…

Landscape as essential infrastructure.

Our work is central to building healthy, thriving communities and ecosystems. Landscape is the bridge between the built and natural worlds—essential infrastructure for a livable future.

Ideas and innovation that inspire reinvention.

We’ve built a legacy of exceptional design over generations. Our methods, materials, and mindsets are valuable—but we’re driven by the immense possibilities offered by new technologies and ideas.

A business that works for each and for all of us.

In an industry that is often singular (one name, one principal, one philosophy, one portfolio), we are plural. Our employee-owned model of independent studios is as unique as the work we do. Respect for the individual and the studio is built into our model, as is a collective vision for our future.