Symantec Chengdu

Symantec Chengdu

Urban Oasis for Dense Corporate Complex 


LocationChengdu, Sichuan, China
SizeOne hectare

SWA provided landscape design for Symantec’s research and development complex. The site was previously inactive and banal until SWA’s design reinvigorated the area, linking the building program and connecting the site to the larger city. The landscape design produces a “brocade,” weaving together the building and site program, and offering an oasis amid the dense, urban location.

The design takes into account key infrastructural elements. In order to mitigate stormwater runoff from the site, the design incorporates an extensive water filtration garden, which provides a natural solution to this common problem. An intricately programmed roof garden connects building and site in SWA’s design, creating functional and environmentally sensitive urban outdoor spaces.