Roche Diagnostic

Roche Diagnostic

Gardens grace a Roche’s first factory in Asia


LocationSuzhou, China
ClientSkidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Size18 acres (site); 13 acres (landscape)

As the first manufacturing facility in Asia, Roche Diagnostics hopes to set a model for future projects in the region. Located in Suzhou, a city with a strong tradition of gardening, this flagship factory will not only meet Roche’s global standard, but will be infused with the spirit of the city’s gardens, distinguishing it from a stereotypical factory. A clear layout ensures that complex transportation and production flows function well. Three lateral streets are given different characters according to their locations and functions, and are strung together along one central spine. Three gardens will accommodate all future phases of development, anticipated to stretch over 10 years.


A central garden alongside the campus cafe interprets typical gardens of the region in a fresh, modern style, introducing a loop of sequenced spaces with seasonally changing views and providing an outdoor respite for workers.