Giant Interactive Headquarters
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A Self-Sustaining Corporate Campus in Shanghai

Location Shanghai

Scope Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size Headquarters 18.2 hectares (45 acres); Site: 49.7 hectares (98 acres)


Master plan was structured around hydrological processes that clean, filter, and circulate water diverted from the adjacent irrigation canal

90% of existing trees from former tree farm site are salvaged and relocated

Strategic placement of landforms within manmade lake provides nesting grounds for waterfowls, protecting them from predators

SWA collaborated with Morphosis Architects on a new ecological park and living laboratory for Giant Interactive Headquarters, a 45-acre corporate campus in Shanghai, China. The design concept blurs the distinction between the ground plane and the structure, weaving water and wetland habitats together with the folded green roof of the main building design. The site, divided between industrial uses, park systems and residences, presented a unique challenge that required the blending of building and landscape. SWA’s focus on self-sustainability creates a site that incorporates both needs of the corporate environment and the local ecology, resulting in a cohesive corporate campus in a large urban environment.

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