Vi Living (Formerly Classic Residence By Hyatt)

Vi Living (Formerly Classic Residence By Hyatt)

Landscaped Garden Courts 


LocationPalo Alto, California United States
ClientStanford Management Company
Size19 acres

The Classic Residence by Hyatt in Palo Alto provides seniors with independent and assisted living facilities. The roughly 19-acre site is adjacent to the San Francisquito Creek, a shopping mall, and two in-progress SWA projects- Ronald McDonald House and Stanford West Apartments. Hyatt has been working closely with SWA as well as the City of Palo Alto and Stanford University to develop the site. SWA has placed a special emphasis on maintaining the riparian corridor with native planting, using consideration when dealing with the archaeologically sensitive areas of the site, as well as existing recreation trails and landscape amenities such as parks and play areas. The architectural elements have been sited with the same understanding, and with great care to avoid significant existing planting. This layout incorporates a series of landscaped garden-courts, each with a unique theme: a cut flower garden, a kitchen garden, a sensory experience garden, etc. These garden-courts serve as visual clues for residents to associate with their homes while providing places for walking, resting, reflection, and visual enjoyment.