Preserving and enhancing the natural landscape while fostering livability and wellness for new residents


LocationParung Panjang, Indonesia
ClientFar Point
Size150 hectares

Only an hour away from Jakarta, the Maestria Residences provide a close connection to nature without sacrificing a close sense of community. The neighborhood is designed as a vibrant hub of activity, an immersive destination, and a powerful economic engine rooted in environmental, social, and economic wellness. SWA’s master plan follows four key principles: ecology, connectivity, mixed activity, and people-centric design.

The master plan is developed over three phases, minimizing impact on the local landscape by designing structures around the gently rolling hills near Serpong. Lush landscaping runs through the community’s central artery, featuring abundant public green spaces and amenities, including a lake at the heart of the neighborhood and a meandering trail network for enjoying the verdant flora. Just beyond the residences, guests can experience the site’s rich natural character, including productive rice paddies specifically preserved to enhance the community experience.

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