La Plaza Cultura Village

La Plaza Cultura Village

Mixed-use development draws inspiration from physical and historic connections.


LocationLos Angeles, California
ClientTrammell Crow Company
Size3.75 acres (site); 2 acres (landscape)

Located within El Pueblo, the birthplace of Los Angeles, La Plaza Cultura Village is a mixed-use, transit-oriented development totaling 425,000 square feet of retail, apartments (20 percent of which are low income units), cultural facilities, and public open space. Two large, surface parking lots have been transformed into a vibrant community that builds upon the rich cultural, historic, and geographic context of the area. A historic paseo passes through the village’s heart, providing a pedestrian connection from Union Station to the Fort Moore Memorial and linking monuments of the city’s past to present residential life. Interpretive signage, paving inlays, cultural iconography, and traditional building materials honor the cultures who have come together to form this diverse area of Los Angeles. A dog park, as well as a pool and amenities deck offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the sun and experience local history firsthand.