Refreshing the beach-to-bay experience for campers and day visitors


LocationGalveston, Texas, United States
ClientTexas Parks and Wildlife
Size191 acres

SWA worked with Texas Parks and Wildlife to reassess the 2013 master plan for Galveston Island State Park.  The vision for the 191-acre beachside park – the only beach-to-bay ecosystem on Galveston Island – was to create a destination for families and individuals that allows visitors to have a comfortable and affordable place to camp and engage with nature. Throughout a series of workshops with Texas Parks and Wildlife, a set of objectives was created to guide the revised master plan. The programmatic plan included overnight and day-use facilities, multiple dune crossing boardwalks, administrative and fee collection facilities, and an associated road system. The result is an inviting destination for day users and campers alike, refreshing the appeal of the park.

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