Raycom City
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Gracious Living in an Urban Waterside Setting

Location Hefei, Anhui, China

Client Anhui Raycom Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size Phase 1: 10 hectares; Phase 2: 6 hectares; Phase 3: 4 hectares

The planned district’s one-kilometer-long public park and retail promenade draws inspiration from Hefei’s ancient river city identity and waterside parks, and includes a string of five special places–the Triangle Park, the Ribbon Park, the Crescent Park, the Source Fountain Plaza, and the Children’s Playground. All of these are connected by rain gardens, groves of large canopy trees, continuous paths and social spaces, plus a two-lane Green Street. The verdant district was carefully crafted as a “Sculpture for Living,” celebrating a new lifestyle along the corridor, one which equates the environmental health of the physical space to the physical and mental ease of its inhabitants. Storm water management is seamlessly woven into the park and street design. Two subsequent high-rise residential phases are also designed and orchestrated to make walking and living in the district attractive. For moving throughout the metro region, access to the subway and bus system and provision for electric scooter and bicycle use have been given equal convenience to car use.

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