Poly Future City
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Beijing Looks Ahead

Location Beijing, China

Client Poly Real Estate Beijing

Scope Urban Design, Planning, Landscape ArchitectureDesign Development

Size 3 ha

As the first phase of a large development along a new subway line in Beijing, Poly Future City suggests what’s to come. A sleek sales center features an interactive landscape with water features punctuating its pavilions, which boast WiFi, heated seating, and power outlets, all solar-powered. For this temporary building and landscape, SWA took care to invest in design elements that establish a sense of place, with lighting features, paving, and topography that reflects the site’s mountainous context. The front of the property is characterized by a tiered water garden that guests experience at different levels. Mirrored stainless steel finishes provide an infinity effect, highlighting the futuristic nature of the development. Firefly lights accompany wetland plantings integrated into the water features to provide a whimsical air for this very urban place.

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