Akasaka K Tower

Akasaka K Tower

Peaceful Refuge amid Tokyo’s Lively Circus 


LocationTokyo, Japan
ClientLandscape Design, Inc.
Size5,120 m

This urban redevelopment project is on the site of the former headquarters of Kajima Construction Corporation. Mid-rise twin towers were replaced with 150-meter-tall high-rise with office space and high-end apartments on the upper floors. SWA designed an entry plaza for the building, while providing much-needed green space in this dense neighborhood in the middle of metropolitan Tokyo. The concept is that the new building grows out of a land filled with trees. Within this refuge there are several different spaces offering intimate gathering areas with seating. Gracing a formal entry plaza is a highly articulated terra-cotta archway, “Beyond the Horizon,” by artist Takenobu Igarashi, with whom SWA collaborated. Before it sits a swirling, grade-level water feature also meant for contemplation and to aid in transporting urban dwellers from their everyday chaos. In contrast to the intimate spaces, the plaza is an open and very public space. The water feature is a focal point of the plaza, creating soothing sounds, while reducing traffic noise from a busy four-lane throughway.

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