Fuzhou Vanke City
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Central Lake Forms Spine for Recreational Living

Location Fuzhou

Client Fuzhou Yongtai Youxin Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Size 45 hectares


Clusters of residential types are woven and stitched into a unifying public space network

A central open space is characterized by dynamic rising and falling bridges around a lake

Extensive trail network incorporates neighborhood parks and joins hilltops and ridges

The Yongtai project, located inside the Red Cliff Scenic Area, borders the Dazhang River and consists of a 45-hectare watershed area surrounded by 12 small hills. It features a boutique hotel, a shopping street, clubhouses, residential high-rises, townhouses, and detached homes. The overall project plan calls for housing clusters that follow the natural site topography. The central lake is preserved and leveraged as a public open space that unifies the entire site. Sub-watersheds are designed as neighborhood parks with connections to the central lake area. Hilltops and ridges are incorporated into the neighborhood parks via an extensive trail network to form a larger recreational system.

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