Greening the Future for a Symbolic Chinese Region


LocationTianjin, China
ClientTianjin Binhai District Central Business Administration Bureau
Size102 hectares

In the strategy for the upcoming integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, the city of Tianjin has been identified as an advanced national manufacture and research base, as well as a core area of international shipping, a financial innovation demonstration zone, and a pilot region for the overall reformation of the area. The location of the SWA-designed Central Park provides a setting that stands poised to reflect the foundation of Tianjin’s industrial past, its traditional and emerging culture, and its trajectory forward as a global city. It lies at the crossroads of the CBD, Culture Center, Yujiapu Train Station and Tianjin Commercial Center and represents a collage of historic and new urban expression. Ziyun Park, built earlier, stands at the core of the park. It was created upon the spoils of the alkaline factory and began the trend toward re-imagining the industrial city as a model of economic, social and environ­mental sustainability. With the addition of Station Park and Culture Park, a new Central Park will emerge. Central Park will adopt and build upon the basic components of Ziyun Park – forest, trails, recreation, leisure and wa­ter conservation based infrastructure. Each of the new park segments will however add a new dimension and a fresh set of experiences to Central Park. In combination, the three park ‘pockets’ will provide a rich gath­ering place for the community and become a symbol of Tianjin and a positive first impression for those visiting the city from afar.

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