A soothing harbor for workers doubles as a neighborhood leisure lounge.


LocationLonggang, Shenzhen, China
ClientShenzhen Longgang Tian’An New Cyber Park Co., Ltd
Size16 acres (site); 11 acres (landscape)

Established in 1990, Tian’An Cyber Park is the biggest industrial real estate investment company in China, providing flexible and affordable office space that allows hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. The strategically placed park in Longgang is a multi-functional development with retail and office space, an I-MAX cinema, and headquarters for multiple corporations. SOM brought a unique architectural approach to the Longgang parcel, which is a modern 21st-century village with narrow streets defined by triangulated building mass.

The landscape is a vibrant response to urban blight, establishing a new urban destination with its amphitheater, unique kaleidoscope plaza, and pub row, while at the same time serving as a soothing harbor for the people who work there. A green core library serves the needs of high-tech industry while providing a tranquil retreat. Elaborate paving pattern reflects the buildings’ crisp geometry while blurring distinctions between the indoor and outdoor experience. The Incubator plaza hints at Tian’An’s lifelong partnership with startup entrepreneurs, serving to catalyze urban land value while stimulating the economy.

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