Breathtaking landscape design enhances luxury living


LocationGurgaon, India
ClientDLF Limited
Size9.4 acres (3.8 ha)

The Camellias Garden is inspired by the verdant green gardens of India and the petals of one of Asia’s most beautiful and vibrant native plant species: the camellia flower. These blooms’ flowing curves and lines are interpreted within the Garden’s design, drawing residents of these 16 luxury apartment towers out into the landscape and offering the sense of being enveloped by petals.

The design offers a unique view from each of the site’s primary features: the Pond, the Centering Garden, and the Colonnade. Each of these spaces provides a different respective function – the experience of lush plants and water; a space for quiet contemplation; and a place for gathering and socializing. Taken as a whole, the Camellias Garden is a centering, green respite for its residents’ everyday life.

The Camellias was honored with an International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in 2022.

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