A prominent think tank aiming to improve the human condition finds a home


LocationStanford, California, United States
ClientStanford University
Size2 acres

The Hoover Institution at Stanford University is a public policy research organization promoting the principals of individual, economic, and political freedom. CAW and SWA collaborated as a design team to create a building and site that helped promote research collaboration through open site connections and workspace.

SWA focused on a site design that serves as an extension of the building itself, bringing conversational thinking and teamwork outside the office environment and facilitating a range of special events. The design team also paid particular attention to work within the established design criteria and traditions of the Stanford campus, while at the same time showcasing the Hoover Institution site as a “campus within a campus.” Key issues included incorporating a new event center into the heart of campus, while preserving adjacent conditions and the view to Hoover Tower.

The main courtyard was designed with seating and tables, as well as pervious paving and tree wells to treat stormwater, and can accommodate many event configurations. SWA also incorporated low-water-use plants and efficient irrigation systems that tie into the overall campus landscape program.

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