Guiyang Hot Springs

Guiyang Hot Springs

A Vision for a New Community Corridor for Guiyang City 


Location, Guiyang China
SizeSite: 300 hectare planning area, Phase 1: 75 hectare

Guiyang Hot Springs, located in Guiyang City, China, brings together the rhythm of the Nanming River, and surrounding trails and trees to create a new urban ‘living room’ in the interstitial space created by new development and roadway infrastructure. Nestled into a mountainous site, the master planning addressed elevation changes of up to 100 meters and the existing relationship of its topography and watersheds connected with the river. The vision incorporated a strategy to preserve ecological corridors while allowing for future development and tourism. The Phase 1 design uses the natural landscape framework and pathways along the river valley to guide a new circulation artery and community parks, emulating the concept of a flowering river. Linear terraces for green corridors reveal expansive views, while harboring varying habitats and facilitating ecological growth without extensive intervention. The subtle manipulation of the land creates seasonal creeks which change dynamically and reinforce the ecological and environmental habitat. The circulation network is accessible to pedestrians, bicycles, cars and boats, forming a major transportation system along the ten-mile river. Based on the rhythms of movement, water and trees, the design for Guiyang Hot Springs provides a natural respite within an urban environment that gives a corridor of community space to the people of Guiyang.