Once-industrial site re-imagined as a commercial complex with eye-catching public spaces


LocationChangchun, China
ClientPoly Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
Size11 ha

Once-industrial site re-imagined as a commercial complex with eye-catching public spaces.

For this site, which was once an industrial tractor factory that epitomized Changchun’s thriving industrial past, SWA provided conceptual design through implementation to transform the former of Changchun Tractor Factory into an eye-catching public realm that fulfills the neighborhood’s increasing leisure needs while being attractive for visitors as well. The idea of a “power train” was established as a central design concept to connect the main building, a community park, and the historic pine-tree boulevard.

The outdoor playground is the highlight of the entire community; it creatively combines various children’s play functions with tractor forms, leveraging topography and planting to create a unique park play space. A minimally designed trail carefully weaves the play space into the current pine forest, as part of the effort to preserve existing trees and enable experiences of the sense of the site’s history.

The project echoes Changchun’s history, and provides a valuable public space for the city. Since its opening, Changchun has become a popular destination.

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