Ichigaya Forest
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DNP’s Romantic Reforestation Development Offers Major New Green Space in Tokyo

Location Tokyo

Client Dai Nippon Printing Company

Scope Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size 5.4 ha

“Ichigaya Forest” is the privately owned, publicly accessible, major open space on DNP’s 5.4-hectare new world headquarters site in the Shinjuku Ward. Vertical development and production modernization that extend underground made possible the creation of this 3.2-hectare open space. Over half the site, previously covered by buildings, is now planted with native trees, shrubs, and ground cover, creating a unique urban forest with peaceful pathways and small plazas to accommodate the 10,000 DNP employees and their Ichigaya neighbors. The design team’s vision of returning a mature native forest to this dense urban neighborhood complements DNP’s belief that “today’s innovation is tomorrow’s basic,” with the goal of serving as a catalyst for similar future developments and setting a precedent of resiliency for this Asian megalopolis. To recreate the native forest, SWA developed a “native” soil profile and natural drainage processes to promote infiltration and reduce runoff. A sensitive lighting approach focuses light to the paths and circulation nodes only. Natural stormwater management processes are designed to enrich the forest and keep all rainfall on the site. Hardscape areas are minimized to reduce surface run-off as well as heat island effect with much of it shaded by planting. Natural pavement materials are used in the secondary pedestrian circulation throughout the site to minimize the environmental impact and to look and feel like forest paths.

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