Hengqin Island
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Ecologically Integrative Urban Development

Location Zhuhai,, Guangdong, China

Scope Urban Design, Planning

Size Site: 80 km2

Hengqin Island, located in Zhuhai, China, is embedded within a unique and beautiful landscape, and is currently being developed for urban growth throughout the region. Taking cues from the surrounding site, SWA’s master plan intends to capture the essence of the place, and pay homage to its most fundamental landscape elements: the sea, valley, and mountains. SWA takes its inspiration for their plan from these natural landscape elements and uses them as a framework for the development and growth of the island. Henquin’s ultimate goal for the master plan seeks to define a unique environment, focusing on the relationship between water and landscape, and preserves the natural beauty of the site. A saltwater estuary, previously filled between the two islands, is re-introduced in the plan as the physical framework for new urban growth. Waterways ebb and flow through mixed-use neighborhoods, and link to the natural freshwater drainage from the mountains, while smaller neighborhood islands are created that serve to fulfill specific roles, including a multi-modal transportation and shopping center. SWA’s design seamlessly connects water, land, and the larger cultural context of the site to create an ecologically sensitive and aesthetically invigorating island that will serve as an incubator for urban growth throughout the region well into the future.

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