Reconnecting Water and the City for a New Urban Model in China 


LocationShenzhen, Guangdong, China
ClientOCT Urban Entertainment Investment Company of Shenzhen
Size1.25 square kilometers

Located in Shenzhen, OCT Bay has a combined site area of approximately 1.25 square kilometers including equal parts new urban center and nature preserve. SWA provided both master planning and landscape architectural services for the entire site. As a new urban cultural and entertainment destination, OCT Bay provides urban amenities, entertainment components, public plazas, park space, resort destinations, and ecological preserves. The 685,000-square- meter wetland and nature preserve provides habitat for dozens of species, and is considered China’s only inner-city coast mangrove wetland. SWA’s design provides exterior spaces that are organized as a spatial hierarchy of intimate spaces, medium size courtyards and large public plazas to accommodate both daily and special events. The site design serves to enhance and compliment architectural themes through material, scale, lighting and water features.

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