Downtown Cairo Streetscapes
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Location Cairo, , Al Qahirah, Egypt

Scope Planning

Size 927 acres

General Organization of Physical Planning. Rather than furnishing streets with Eurocentric rows of street trees our plan calls for the use of “micro parks” to provide respite from the frenzy of Downtown Cairo and create a green matrix of usable open space that is imbedded into the fabric of the street. The “micro park” can take on a variety of forms but it will typically be a raised garden or paved space of 30 to 50 square meters, which contains a cluster of broad canopy shade trees or an architectural trellis. Seating is accommodated on the low seat walls or steps defining its periphery. The area within the “micro park” can be a leafy garden, an informal seating area, or accommodate spill out from an adjacent café. Micro parks were created to specifically embrace the authentic way that Caireans use the street, and address the realities of maintaining stately rows of street trees in such an urban setting.

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