LocationHouston, Texas, United States
Size8.8 acres

East Downtown (EaDo) is a unique blend of culture and industry, situated close to Downtown Houston and defined by the city’s railways. The area has a rich history, characterized by its cultural quarters, industrial warehouses, and urban grit. In recent years, EaDo has undergone a transformation and emerged as a thriving hub for residential and commercial development, with new streetscape improvements, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

The East Blocks mixed-use development is a re-imagined art and entertainment neighborhood that adds to EaDo’s eclectic, industrial vibe while celebrating the area’s history and establishing its new identity as an urban destination and living center. The East Blocks aims to create a walkable community where people can spend time and create memories, contributing to the growth of Houston and adding value to the local community.

SWA Houston studio has been working with the client and consultant team since 2022, providing vision plans, building landscape, and public realm improvement design services. Inspired by EaDo’s diverse, eclectic, and postindustrial attitude, the landscape placemaking aims to upgrade this neighborhood through careful curation of old and new materials and elements, infusing authentic characters into new mixed-use spaces, enhancing the walkability, urban ecology, and brand identity. The landscape scope encompasses adaptive reuse buildings, streetscapes, and public green space, creating a district-wide outdoor experience.

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