Hillside central park is integral to Sansan New Town’s urban transformation


LocationFoshan, China
ClientLand Urban Construction and Water Conservancy Bureau of Nanhai District
Size88 ha

Sanshan New Town, a fast-rising urban development in Foshan City’s Nanhai District, is full of hope and vitality. In the New Town’s center lies Sanshan Hillside Park, composed of three hills known respectively as Big Pine Forest, Central Hill, and Liangangwei Hill. This area is envisioned to become an “urban forest” park with diverse programs and distinctive features: a mountainside destination for recreation, events, social gathering, and tourism drawing residents from Guangzhou-Foshan (GuangFo) as well as visitors from outside the region. Among the plan’s aims are to achieve unity among environmental, social, and economic benefits; and to create an entertainment and leisure activity space for GuangFo residents.

By blending the mountain-city edge, Sanshan Hillside Park expands the flexible, dynamic space of the city. Here, people can variously enjoy the vigor of high-speed rail from a hilltop overlook, meditative mountain and city views, shaded fitness areas, natural playgrounds, and interactive water features of hilltops. As Sanshan New Town’s “calling card,” the park stimulates vitality within the area, serves as a driving force for regional development, and upgrades the city’s lifestyle and economy – all within a park that flows with light, color, and activity.

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