The Memorial powerfully reclaims the site of a tragedy as a place of gathering and love.


LocationLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
ClientClark County, Nevada
Size2 acres

Inspired by the shared love of country music that brought people from all over the world together for the Route 91 Music Festival, Resonant Memory is based on the shape of an acoustic guitar. The design makes particular use of the instrument’s sound hole as a recurring motif to represent absence, honoring the lives lost on October 1, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The decorative pattern around the sound hole, known as the “rosette,” is employed to honor the 58 fallen concertgoers, with individual rosettes suspended in the air. A grounded Arc of Remembrance at the Rosette Garden’s far edge invites visitors to connect with stone-etched portraits of the victims. This memorial, located at the site of a tragedy, offers refuge, safety, and calm, and champions creative expression as a source of healing.

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Tianjin Culture Park

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