Hyatt Gainey Ranch

Hyatt Gainey Ranch

Oasis of Pools and Palms 


LocationScottsdale, Arizona, United States
ClientHyatt Development Corporation
Size28 acres

The 28-acre site is part of an existing master planned resort community. The golf course and lake were existing. The owner wanted water gardens and had in mind tropical gardens with artificial rocks and rope bridges. The designers convinced the owner that a concept that recalled ancient South American themes was more appropriate for the desert. Lines of date palms mitigate a massive building and extend into the landscape, framing views to the mountains and creating garden rooms under the palms and between them. An aqueduct, water temple and pavilions provide an armature from which water can fall and create a second level pedestrian experience. These elements also provide for bars, waterslides and spas. In addition to the water gardens, six courtyards provide a variety of spaces for lawn games, quiet gardens, entry and arrivals courts. With the exception of the existing lake and the owner’s requirement for 20,000 square feet of swimming pools, water use is minimized. Lawn was used only where needed as a space for outdoor activities. Other plant materials are desert species or drought tolerant. Water features are in the Moorish tradition of narrow, shallow canals, low volume clear water jets and small gravity spouts.