Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge

Celebrating the Desert Landscape 


LocationPhoenix, Arizona, United States
ClientMarriott International
Size54 acres

SWA provided site planning and full landscape architectural services for this 1,000-room desert resort hotel on a 54-acre site. The project also includes five restaurants, a day-spa facility and a conference center. The landscape design provides a desert theme contrasted with water in the form of lakes, pools and lush foliage, and the desert theme provides a distinction in planting between walks under desert tree canopy and open desert with cactus. A series of courtyards – the lush green entry/arrival area, the desert botanical garden, a central courtyard framed by a lake, the island courtyard and the spa courtyard provide diverse experiences of the design. On-site desert trees and saguaros were salvaged and used in the final landscape. The resort has, in addition, two 18-hole golf courses.