Guangming OCT Trail

Guangming OCT Trail

China’s First Stress-Ribbon Pedestrian Bridge


LocationShenzhen, China
ClientOCT Guangming (Shenzhen) Investment Co., Ltd
Size2,262,418 m2

With its grand landscape views, Guangming Trail is both a green, healthy “slow circulation” system in an urban area, and an exemplar of innovation and sustainability. The trail’s topography changes as it progresses through mountains, valleys, hills, and farms. By considering vegetation, habitats, hydrology, and topography, sites with high value and potential were selected to be major design nodes, but the trail’s three bridges are among its most striking features.

The simple, geometric Floating Bridge is a high-tech path for walking and biking that traces and provides shaded overlooks of the water. Discovery Bridge’s undulating boardwalk traces site ecology and creates dynamic, intriguing spaces for pedestrians. Hanging Bridge evokes the wind that animates the site, connecting human experience with the outdoors.