2018 Winter Olympics

2018 Winter Olympics

Most Compact Design in Winter Games History 


LocationPyeongChang, South Korea
ClientSpace Group Architects; Taeyoung Corporation
Size2.5 km2 / 620 acres

SWA’s master plan for the three Nordic Events venues—the Ski Jumping, Cross Country Skiing, and Biathlon stadia and courses—honors the natural beauty of a spectacular Olympic Winter Games landscape as never before. The venues were originally slated to be located in separate valleys, requiring athletes and spectators to travel from site to site. But in PyeongChang, SWA departed from that logic and instead took their cues from the landscape itself, resulting in the most compact design in Olympic Winter Games history. Locating all events in one valley achieved two goals: creating the most efficient, exciting experience for both athletes and visitors to the Games, and disturbing the region’s steep terrain and pristine pine forests as little as possible. In PyeongChang, pedestrians flowed along a continuous promenade between these venues, saving hours of shuttle bus time while also being immersed in a high-octane sports experience. The arrival sequence to the Ski Jumping Stadium is choreographed to build viewer excitement, where a plaza is flanked by three practice jumps, the monorail that transports athletes, coaches and officials to the tower and Large Hill and Normal Hill in-runs, and the Ski Jumping Stadium itself. Created for Korea’s 2014 Olympic Winter Games bid, summers also bring an active site, with an 18-hole golf course, roller-blade training, and soccer pitch replacing the snow sports.

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