Katy Trail
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Urban Greenbelt Hikes Neighboring Property Values by 25%

Location Dallas, , Texas, United States

Client Friends of the Katy Trail

Scope Urban Design, Planning, Landscape Architecture

Size 3.5 miles / 5.63 km


3.5-mile hike/bike path weaves through 29 natural acres

3,000 daily users

Boosts adjoining property values by 25%

Transforms derelict railbed

Non-profit, community-driven venture

Connects 300,000 residents to 123 acres of parkland

Katy Trail represents a remarkable resource for the residents of the Dallas Fort Worth region. Conceived in 1870, the M. K. and T. Railway united the North and South via railroad. Today, a portion of this now abandoned linkage serves as a unifying element for the many users living nearby. The project provides approximately 3.5 miles of intercity bicycle and pedestrian trail, which also proves to be a transportation and recreational corridor for jogging, passive nature interpretation and walking. The trail links approximately 20 neighborhood areas to the Central Business District, the American Airlines Center and Southern Methodist University. Active involvement with the neighboring communities was an ongoing process that helped to enhance the success of the project.

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