Sanya Edition
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A South China Resort that Celebrates Water

Location Sanya, Hainan Island, China

Client Sanya Jinghope Real Estate Co.

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size 52 acres/21 hectares

This Ian Schrager-helmed Haitang Bay resort off the coast of Southern China was conceived as a “dream of aqua,” where sky and water converge. SWA’s competition-winning landscape design emulates a river delta and its convergence with the sea. Gently curved forms define the boundaries for 40 private villas, and are echoed throughout the terraced resort in swimming pools, aquatic life pools, and fountains—the most dramatic of which, in the lobby, pours through openings into basin pools below and opens the view to preserved sand dunes and the sea. Additional forms derived from creatures such as the abalone and octopus influenced plantings and pools. Careful site programming and planning helped to preserve the existing specimen trees, particularly in the beach zone and dune ecosystem. Re-vegetation of impacted dune areas will be done with naturalized plantings rather than ornamental species, complete with a management plan that allows for an environment that ensures the overall quality of the resort experience without having to be manicured. The 52-acre landscape for this luxurious 500+-key resort hosts an array of locally farmed native plant materials, as well as transplanted local specimens to protect and promote biodiversity.

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