Chongqing Dongyuan 1891
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Shangri-La in the City

Location Chongqing

Client Chongqing Dongyuan Real Estate Development Co.

Scope Landscape Architecture

Size 60,000 m2 /4.8 ac


River and mountain setting inspires varied landscapes for urban tranquility

Restorative water elements provide continuity to series of retail/commercial and residential spaces

Unparalleled dramatic city view from roof deck

Adjacent Yangtze River inspires serpentine form of retaining wall and paving band used throughout

This unique linear site is sandwiched between the Yangtze River and Nan Mountain. The design concept of the model area that unites a one-kilometer retail/commercial corridor with four high-rise residences is to create the experience of Shangri-La in an urban center. The spatial layout is characterized by a series of courtyards offering different experiences inspired by the surrounding nature. The spaces are connected by various water features, from a bubble pool to a waterfall wall to cascading steps and a Zen infinity pool. Site elements such as pavilion, trellis, ceiling, and screen are inspired by the peach blossoms in the story of Shangri- La. Different phases and forms of the blossom are displayed and echoed in the series of spaces. The landscape aims to not only incorporate the Yangtze River and natural scenery of Nan Mountain, but also to help people to find inner peace in this urban refuge.

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