Shared park breaks boundaries, raising its visibility and value.


LocationGuangzhou, China
ClientGuangzhou Yue Xiu Holdings Limited
Size47,000 m2

Panyu Central Park breaks the boundary of the traditional gated community and promotes sharing of open space among residents and visitors. This neighborhood development is the hub for a dense urban community, raising its visibility and value and setting a high standard for open space in the area. The park provides welcoming activity space for all ages with its lawn, outdoor fitness facility, outdoor board game area, therapy garden, jogging trail, bike trail, and children’s playground. A civic center and art gallery at the center of the park accommodates educational sessions, performances, and community gatherings. The park’s trails provide a crucial missing link between Panyu’s central business district park and a trail system in a preserved forest nearby, as well as to an adjacent metro station.

The park is also a model of resilience. A reflecting pool in front of the civic center creates an agreeable microclimate, while artful terrain and rain gardens facilitate stormwater collection.

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