Marco Esposito


“I’m driven by a sense that most of what is built in the world these days doesn’t add up to much. We live in a time of unusual wealth, which unfortunately seldom translates into civic drama or beauty.”

Marco Esposito, PLA, is a landscape architect and urban designer with 38 years of experience, focused on creating walkable cities and neighborhoods that are bold in form, complex in use, and well-used by residents and non-residents alike. Marco’s passion and enthusiasm—as well as his skill in creating striking, well-used, award-winning places on complex sites—stems from a lifelong love of cities and neighborhoods, fostered by world travels that have shown him the full range of what is possible. Recent built projects include the Civic Center Commons for Elk Grove, the Library & Cultural Arts Center for Yorba Linda, the Global Plaza outdoor living room for Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Nordic Events Venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Recent and ongoing master plans include the Brabazon District and Lake Park in Bristol UK, a waterfront park in Singapore, and San Jose State University. Projects currently on the boards include Bay Street Plaza in Emeryville, College of Marin’s Library and Social Slope, and Burlingame Town Square.


Streets and buildings juxtaposed with natural beauty – the pattern of these elements determine much of the power of a place; the sheer beauty and excitement of San Francisco, Vancouver, and the Riviera, as well as smaller gems like Lugano and Amalfi; Hong Kong, where the man-made vertical sculpture of Manhattan collides with the tropical beauty of Hawaii.


Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture with High Honors, University of California, Berkeley (1984)


Member, Urban Land Institute (2009-Present)

Member, American Society of Landscape Architects (1989-Present)

Member, San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association (1998-Present)


ASLA Northern California Honor Award: Waterway Park, Raycom City (2016)

SCUP Excellence in Landscape Architecture: Rochester Institute of Technology Global Plaza (2015)

Gold Nugget Merit Award, Infill Plan over 5 Acres: Mission Estates (2011)

ASLA Northern California Merit Award: University of the Pacific Sacramento Campus Plan

AIA Top Ten Green Project, and LEED Platinum: Sacred Heart Science & Student Life Center (2010)