John S. Loomis

Consulting Principal

“Improving the quality level of built projects is an exciting challenge, especially in rapidly accelerating countries. China, for example, has the growth potential to make a large public park not unlike New York’s Central Park or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park a reality.”

John Loomis’s 40 years of built project experience and knowledge has touched a wide range of project types, including mixed-use urban developments, institutional and corporate campuses, retirement communities, themed entertainment attractions, and green architecture. John’s focus is design development, construction documentation, and design implementation—in other words, translating designs “from the boards to reality,” often strengthening a plan through subtle adjustments. Extensive project experience in Japan has provided John with an understanding that we can influence, as well as, be influenced by cultures other than our own to great success and reward. His “maker spirit” and a strong focus towards design realization through technical expertise and the craft of landscape architecture always strengthens the “big idea” behind each endeavor. Many of his projects, including the award winning California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, often contain living roofs or on-structure gardens promoting sustainable design in urban contexts.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s detailing and integration of building with site; Jens Jensen’s natural design philosophy and appreciation for an indigenous plant palette; Thomas Church for his promotion of the modernist movement and the garden as an extension of interior space; Peter Walker for his dedication to project design all the way through to the completion of the built product; and the Midwestern work ethic.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois (1977)


Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects (2015-Present)

Registered Landscape Architect: California (#2310)


ASLA Northern California Chapter Honor Award: DNP Ichigaya Forest, Tokyo (2017)

ASLA NCC Merit Award: Foundry Square (2015)

ASLA Northern California Chapter Merit Award: Sun City, Yokohama (2014)

ASLA Southern California Chapter Merit Award: Giant Interactive Headquarters (2014)

ASLA Texas Chapter Honor Award: Tarrant County College (2013)