David Thompson

David Thompson

David Thompson

Firmwide Co-CEO and Managing Principal, Shanghai

“Begin projects without preconceived ideas about their solutions. Let the site, the client and the users speak through you. Use your skill as a ‘form giver’ to help create truly exceptional places. Think beyond the obvious and create something memorable.”

David is a project designer with a broad range of experience, from detailed site design to complex urban planning. During his 40 years as a designer at SWA, he has worked mostly abroad, particularly in China, Latin America, and Russia. As a result, he has developed a flexibility of approach in solving complex design problems, and has become adept at exercising the basic tenets of landscape architecture with the subtle complexities of culture and contextual geography.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 1981


Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects


David has received over 100 professional awards, including:

ASLA Texas Chapter – Award of Excellence, Shanghai Urban Best Practices Project 2018

ASLA Texas Chapter – Merit Award, Chongqing Urban Waterfront Revitalization 2017

ASLA Texas Chapter – Honor Award, Shanghai Taopu Smart Park 2014

ASLA National – Honor Award, The Better Blocks Project 2014

ASLA National – Award of Excellence, Westlake Corporate Campus 2003