This research project developed a firm-wide digital materials library.  Initiated by XL members in the San Francisco studio, it sought to promote sharing of material-related expertise across SWA’s eight locations.  The library’s five broad material classes include biocomposites, polymers, metals, minerals, and ceramics, with individual entries for each.  The database contains information that describes the material, illustrates its design applications, shows innovative detailing that uses the material, and offers best uses, suppliers, statistics, and innovative details from SWA projects. The team surveyed designers to tabulate materials most commonly used and also profiled new or exotic materials that are atypical for landscape application.  XL Lab facilitated the project by creating the database structure and entry system that any designer can use to contribute.  Entries were authored by designers and technical experts within each studio.  This project continues SWA’s work on the craft of building from Post-occupancy Assessment and Material Reuse.


Richard Crockett, SWA, XL
Ben Waldo, SWA, XL
Anya Domlesky and Emily Schlickman, XL Research and Innovation Lab at SWA
Alan Waxman, SWA
Ross Nadeau, SWA
Margaret Gerhart, SWA, XL
Jeremy Klemic, SWA
Darren Sharkey, SWA, XL
Chris Gentile, SWA, XL
Andrew Gressett, SWA, XL
Todd Strawn, SWA


Post-occupancy Assessment
Material Reuse