Natalia Beard

Natalia Berdyukova-Beard, originally from the Russian Far East, has a background in linguistics and fine arts. She received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas in San Antonio, and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Rice University. She believes that landscape architecture, at its core, should take on the challenge of providing a nuanced interpretation of cultural identity in the process of responding to environmental, social, aesthetic, and economic project parameters, which increasingly operate in the context of undifferentiated globalized frameworks. Natalia listens first, and then strives to use every tool at her disposal to develop inspiring design at multiple scales. She looks for examples of beauty that are uniquely specific to the life of a community, be it locally in Texas, or worlds away in the Middle East.


Interests: Integrating public art, landscape, and infrastructure; Developing design narratives through cultural research; Graphic communication

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P: 713.868.1676 x 2231