James Lee

Ambitious mixed-use programs in the urban realm, and especially in Asia; embracing a modern sensibility in resolving site characteristics with program needs; creating "memorable environments available to a broad cross-section of society."

Jim has 31 years of design experience in both the public and private realms, primarily in the western United States, as well as China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines. His broad professional exposure has enabled him to test and realize a wide spectrum of creative design ideas, which in turn enables him to confidently “assess their success, and determine where they can be advanced in future opportunities.” In seeking out the most creative solutions and embracing an interactive, collaborative design process, Jim and his team consistently deliver exemplary results.

Inspired By

Michael Laurie, a former professor who introduced him to landscape architecture; Louis Kahn's ability to bring inanimate structures to life; Dan Kiley and Robert Zion's modernist sensibility; Peter Walker (the strength of the Big Idea; the art of detailing); William Johnson (using drawing to explore and test design problems and opportunities); Robert Irwin, "who strives to see the world afresh and free of preconceptions."


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from University of California at Berkeley

Design philosophy

Stay open to intuitive influences, uncertainty, and chaos. Trust in oneself and the team. Explore tangents. Welcome collaboration with the greater team (clients, architects, builders, engineers): together they deliver cherished and enduring projects.


2015 Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects


2005 ASLA Northern California Chapter Honor Award: Lewis Avenue Corridor, Las Vegas, Nevada.

2002 Hospitality Design Magazine, Gold Key Award, First Prize: Sun City Takatsuki, Osaka-Fu, Japan.

1999 ASLA Merit Award: Arizona Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

1992 ASLA Northern California Chapter Honor Award: Larkspur Courts, Larkspur, California.

1992 ASLA Northern California Chapter Honor Award: Hewlett Packard, Roseville, Roseville, California.

1988 ASLA Southern California Chapter Award of Excellence: MacArthur Court, Newport Beach.
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