This topical research effort contributed to the firm wide Resilient Cities Project. The pro bono Project, led by CEO Gerdo Aquino, seeks to improve the quality of life in dense urban places around the globe through partnerships with city leaders, research, site visits and meetings, and a charrette-workshop focused on a relevant local and regional issue. The research for the Miami edition supported three SWA teams focusing on three scales and six sites by providing place-based information, site information, and background material on risk, resilience, projections, and coastal strategies for adaptation, both physical and planned. The research team gathered findings in a briefing book that included: regional and site basemaps showing city jurisdictions and neighborhoods, transit and circulation, flooding extents at 1-foot increments, median income, and land use; site information; a visual glossary covering specialized terminology and local issues like porous limestone, backflooding, saltwater intrusion, storm surge, king tide, hurricane history, barrier islands, and tidal marshland; and an appendix with documentation from partner agencies, relevant news articles, and excerpts from select reports.


Anya Domlesky and Emily Schlickman, XL Research and Innovation Lab at SWA
Ishaan Kumar, SWA
Ray Zhao, SWA, XL
Lovisa Kjerrgren, SWA, XL
Mariel Fink, SWA, XL
Bryce Donner, SWA
Chella Strong, SWA/Balsley
Fangyi Lu, SWA


Jane Gilbert, Office of Resilience and Sustainability, City of Miami
Lindsay Wilson, City of Miami
Brenda McClymonds, Trust for Public Land
Dr. Keren Bolter, South Florida Regional Planning Council
Cindy Riley, SWA
Maribel Amador, SWA