Gerdo P Aquino CEO

Academic design critic and lecturer; research into innovative new materials and landscape technologies for public and/or private open space; transforming post-industrial, urban waterfronts into viable places for people, commerce, and tourism; helping shape the future growth of global cities. “With urban densities on the rise, cities are poised to exemplify greatness or self-destruction. My projects in these cities seek to mediate the extremes and bring a sense of stability to the disparate communities and districts that make these cities livable.”

“I see my practice as a dynamic mix of landscape architecture and urban design.” Gerdo’s work focuses on under-utilized or abandoned urban and suburban infill sites that nonetheless “have the potential to enhance their existing surroundings through creative programming and natural systems integration.” Clients enlist him to assemble innovative teams where specialization is both required and necessary given the complex issues facing contemporary landscape architecture projects around the world. Gerdo’s longstanding interest in Asia began at Harvard, where he co-founded the Graduate School of Design’s first Asian student organization, AsiaGSD. He also has extensive experience in the analysis and planning of multi-scaled ecological corridors and repurposed streets and plazas in urban areas of North America, Asia, Russia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.


Gerdo co-authored “Landscape Infrastructure: Case Studies by SWA,” encompassing much of his current thinking about landscape architecture, both professionally and academically.


Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida


Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and Member of the Central City Association of Los Angeles.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture, Master of Landscape Architecture Degree Program, University of Southern California


2012 ASLA Merit Award, Southern California Chapter, Planning & Analysis, Anning River

2012 ASLA National Honor Award, Communications, Landscape Infrastructure: Case Studies by SWA,

2011 AIA/LA Design Awards Citation, Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters,

2011 Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition, Aquel Abraco, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Finalist/Second Place,

2011 ULI Awards for Excellence: Asia Pacific Competition Finalist: Gubei Pedestrian Promenade

2009 ASLA National Honor Award, Zobon City Sculpture Garden, Shanghai, PR China.

2008 ASLA National Honor Award, Chongming Island North Lake Region, Shanghai, PR China.

2003 Winner of International Competition: North Bund Riverside, Shanghai, China.

2003 ASLA National Merit Award: Tokyo University Foreign Studies Campus, Tokyo, Japan.

2003 Mayor’s Award, City of Mountain View: Veritas Corporate Headquarters, Mountain View, California.

2001 Pacific Coast Builder's Association Gold Nugget Award, Northern California: Old School House, Fremont, California.