New Creations, Reverberations…
and Innovations

Every New Year brings the opportunity to create places that have not yet been given form… as well as the chance to renew and reinvigorate places that have been neglected. At SWA, we remain invested in the acts of creation – at many scales – that can resonate in the built and natural world.

The smallest interventions can have wide-ranging effects – from forestalling the effects of climate change, to welcoming pollinators and native species back to our shared environments, to providing access to green space for all communities, which is essential for social equity. We remain purposeful in design that celebrates the reverberations of culture and history, and recognize that innovation often stems from the dialogue with our sites and the people, plants, and animals that inhabit them.

Our wish for the New Year is to continue to help communities explore and define the outdoor spaces – both vast and intimate – that promote environmental and human resiliency in 2023.