Black Lives Matter

The senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others weigh heavily on SWA as a firm and on our employees. The events unfolding in our cities speak volumes of the many voices standing in solidarity with these individuals and others like them faced with issues of systemic racism, social/racial injustice and oppression in our country. We stand with you.

As a multi-cultural firm, we realize it takes a balance of courage, advocacy and leadership to engage and address these issues head on and to stand up for what is right. The collective effort needed to enact meaningful change will be significant. We will be good listeners and develop platforms where individuals in our firm can share their thoughts. We are humbled by the passionate voices that have already offered ideas to move the dialogue forward:


Engagement – engage with civic leaders and participate in community-based activities that can address issues of environmental justice, equitable distribution of open space and greater transparency in design

Education – promote racial equity through our internal fellowship and research programs; create early education programs introducing a broader, more diverse demographic of minorities to a career in landscape architecture

Outreach – work with schools, residents, and partner organizations to understand how we can be a positive impact in our communities

Recruitment – identify, and provide leadership opportunities for African-Americans within the profession of landscape architecture


In the days and weeks ahead, we are convening focus groups of all sizes around the firm to openly discuss and continue to develop these ideas to a high level of resolve, clarity and meaning. These ideas will serve as a platform for us to engage in meaningful dialogue where short term and long term actions can take shape.

Communities of color need our support now more than ever. Issues of accessibility, safe gathering, shade and security need to be addressed in the open spaces families use on a daily basis. As an employee owned firm, it has always been a part of our mission to leverage the resources of the firm to improve quality of life through the creation of an equal and just public realm. We remain committed to this mission and will continue to work closely with our community leaders and civic partners in fostering change that is constructive, forward-thinking and transformative.