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Lovisa Kjerrgren

Associate Principal

An alumna of the 2014 SWA Summer Student Program, Swedish transplant Lovisa Kjerrgren has been rooted in SWA’s Laguna Beach office since 2016. She leads a broad range of projects from concept through construction — from re-imagined corporate environments to community rec centers, visionary streetscapes, and large public parks. With a knack for creative storytelling and reliable project management, she facilitates inspired client and consultant team collaboration to bring forth potential and maximize the built benefit of each scope and scenario.

Drawn to landscape architecture by its integration of natural science, social dynamics and art, Lovisa is interested in ideas and theories about people and place as well as their practical applications — the “why” as much as the “how” of design. Her international perspective brings a fresh eye to domestic design challenges, and her personal art practice informs the way she explores design opportunities through creative sketching and writing. The ambition to distill and express the inherent poetry of the landscape is an undercurrent in all of her work.