2019 SWA Promotions

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2019 Promotions

Please join us in congratulating our newly promoted leaders, whose design ingenuity and industriousness advances SWA’s purpose: designing for a more livable world.

Our people are continually looking for ways to infuse their work with new ideas: orchestrating land uses that reduce transportation costs, making high-density projects livable; integrating architecture with the landscape to optimize the use and cost of water, energy, and other resources; creating green environments that provide social amenities; and conserving natural open space and habitat for future generations.

Meet our newly promoted leaders below, and see how SWA’s commitment to resilience plays out in their daily lives.


Dhaval Barbhaya

Laguna Beach, CA
M.Arch + Urban Design, Washington University B.Arch, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT)

Leah Hales

Dallas, TX
BLA, University of Arkansas


Zane Busbee

Designer, Dallas, TX
BLA, Louisiana State University

Steven Lee

Designer, New York, NY
MLA +M.City Planning, UC Berkeley

Sergio Lima

Designer, Sausalito, CA
M.Arch,+ B.Arch., Università Degli Studi, Palermo

Michael Robinson

Designer, Houston, TX
M.Arch, Rice University
BLA + B.Env Design (Arch), NC State University

Peiwen Yu

Designer, Houston, TX
MLA, Texas A&M University
BArch + MUP, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Zachary Davis

Designer, Sausalito, CA
BLA, Pennsylvania State University

Woonghee Lee

Designer, Los Angeles, CA
M.Arch, University of California, Los Angeles

Haifeng Ren

Designer, Shanghai
BLA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Stephen Rydzon

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
BLA, Colorado State University

Yang Zhang

Designer, Sausalito, CA
MLA, Harvard GSD
B.Eng + BA, Tsinghua University, Beijing


Shih-Chia Chiu

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
MLA, University of Washington

Jacob Galles

Designer, Houston, TX
BSLA, Purdue University

Jennifer Hung

Marketing Manager, San Francisco, CA
20+ Years’ Industry Experience

Evan Lee

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
BSLA, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Tony Lopez

Designer, Los Angeles, CA
BLA, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Darren Sharkey

Designer, Houston, TX
BLA, Louisiana State University

Ben Waldo

Designer, San Francisco, CA
MLA, UC Berkeley;
B.Arch, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Bingyao Zhu

Designer, San Francisco, CA
MLA, UC Berkeley

Garett Dietrich

Designer, Houston, TX
BSLA, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Xiao Hu

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
MLA, Cornell University
BLA, Purdue University

Lovisa Kjerrgren

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
BLA + MLA, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Jing Lei

Designer, Laguna Beach, CA
MLA, Texas A&M University
BLA+MA (Arts in Design), Renmin University of China

Mariana Ricker

Designer, San Francisco, CA
BLA, UC Berkeley

Lin Tang

Designer, San Francisco, CA
M.Urban Design, Savannah College of Art and Design
BLA, China Agricultural University

Dan Vasquez

Production Manager, R&D, and Training, Sausalito, CA
BA, Media Studies and Architecture, SFSU