Ted Kochanek

Managing Principal, Sweeney & Associates (Texas)

“The reciprocal difficulty or conflict is between the desire for water solutions in environments where there is scarcity – as in the Middle East, where the focus is on wastewater – and in places where there is lots of rainfall, where it’s harder to demonstrate the value of water as a resource.”

Founded in 1990, Sweeney & Associates, Inc., is an irrigation consulting firm specializing in irrigation system design, master planning, and water management. With four United States offices, an overseas production facility, and the effective use of the latest electronic data transfer techniques the firm is able to offer excellence in irrigation design to customers around the world. Often brought into the project in the early stages of design, Sweeney & Associates are experts at the use of alternative water sources, water conservation strategies, and large scale irrigation network design. The firm prides itself as an early adopter of the latest water conserving principles, products, and methods.