Scott McCready

Principal, SWA (Houston)

“The future of our cities will depend on our ability to re-imagine urban infrastructure to accept natural cycles affected by climate change, requiring us to challenge the very foundations of our ‘contract’ with the natural environment. We must fearlessly question the status quo as we form a more symbiotic relationship with the land and waters on which we rely.”

Over the past 20 years, in projects ranging from large-scale urban and campus planning to the detailed design of public spaces and gardens, Scott McCready seeks to enhance the social and ecological infrastructure of the urban environment, while broadening access and connectivity to open space within the city. His recent work has focused on urban parks, urban infill, and large-scale campus planning and design. Scott has collaborated on numerous projects throughout Texas recognized in local and national awards and publications, including Buffalo Bayou Park, Evelyn’s Park, and Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge and Trails.