Fran Hegeler

Associate Principal

Fran Hegeler is SWA’s director of marketing and communications, leading a talented team that works with all of the studios to advance the firm’s objectives.  Design advocate and business strategist, urbanist and story-teller, Fran brings to the firm an informed, hands-on approach to external relations with key audiences, ranging from clients to peers, press to prospects.  Her decades of experience in the field of design includes leadership positions in high-profile design firms, a graduate school for architecture, and a publicly-traded E/A firm.   In her free time, she is an avid open-water swimmer and rower, ensemble singer, and art enthusiast.

Fran is based in San Francisco, where she serves on the board of the South End Rowing Club and chairs the Aquatic Park and Pier Project, a civic-led initiative to revitalize one of the city’s most distinctive waterfront parks.